PropertyDwell was born from more than a decade in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Through the years, we developed philosophies that are contrary to the status quo in the antiquated field of property management that is found throughout the local market. We are working with more than 100 plus international organisation, N.G.Os and Embassies. Our managerial philosophies are based on the human side of our business, and the primary conclusion we have based our operations on is the following: Private apartment buildings are not meant to be managed in an institutional environment. Endless corporate structure, overwhelming and stale institutional procedures, and layer upon layer of management are not only unnecessary, but are a hindrance to providing interactive, quality, responsive, and personalized property management services. Rather than turning a maintenance request into a nameless file that has to touch countless desks for approval and then sent back through the layers of corporate structure, we look at every request as an opportunity to provide responsive and caring service; skipping the steps that bog the process down and dehumanize the resident, who we consider to be family. We value time, and believe that a paying prospect deserves to have his or her application turned around within minutes, rather than days of waiting in the dark. Every phone call, every conversation, every email, every opportunity to interact with our residents and every member of the dwell family, our prospects who we have pledged to assist in any way we can, even if that means pointing them in another direction or just listening to them in an effort to provide heartfelt and honest feedback, or any person who we interact with is a chance to forge a new relationship and make an impact in somebody’s life. We believe sincerely in the simple fact that our mission is to help people; whatever form that takes. Residential homes, Flats, Apartments, Commercial properties & shops are available. We are looking forward for opportunities to work with you. Best Regards, Shahzaman Mehar. C.E.O. PropertyDwell. Join us on twitter for more disclosure:


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Shahzaman Mehar
Office: Silver Oaks, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad
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